P90X2 Workout

P90X2 WorkoutWith the P90X2 workout, a new day has come for fans of Tony Horton’s popular P90X program. The original P90X home workout system was one of the most popular and effective workout regiments ever to be released. Individuals from all over the world went through extreme bodily transformations after finishing the 90-day program.

Now, everybody who loved the original P90X has something else to get excited about – P90X2. After two years of research and development, P90X2 is ready to completely change the way you work out. Again.

Legendary fitness guru Tony Horton is renowned for his work in the home fitness world. His creations include P90X and 10-Minute Trainer, and every program he recommends guarantees solid results. With P90X2, Horton is back in action and ready to help transform your life and body in just 90 days. P90X2 is the premier home workout program, and guarantees you will get the results that you want.

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Tony Horton is known for his ability to create home workout systems that get maximum results. Horton changed the fitness world with P90X, and has spent the last two years fine-tuning his masterpiece to create its sequel. However, P90X2 is no ordinary sequel. P90X2 takes everything that was great about the original and builds upon in. Each workout that provided staggering results from P90X has been improved and redesigned to give the user an even better workout with better results.

P90X2 vs. P90X

P90X was one of the most successful home workout systems ever invented. The P90X2 workout takes all the success that the original P90X had and builds upon it. Just like the original, P90X2 is a 90-day program. Unlike the original, P90X2 features all-new, cutting-edge workouts that are guaranteed to whip you back into shape. It takes the principles and foundations that were originally imagined in P90X, and turns the intensity up with all-new exercises that are going to demand every ounce of energy, balance, agility and strength that you have to offer.

The all-new P90X2 features 12 workouts that fall into three different training phases. Each phase focuses on a distinct purpose and goal for your training. The first phase works to strengthen your foundation and core while improving explosiveness. Phase Two focuses on strength and coordination while also building up mental stimulation. The third and final phase focuses on performance. Phase Three is certainly the most challenging phase of the program, but it is also the most rewarding.

What Equipment is Needed for the P90X2 Workout?

All you need to accomplish P90X2 is several dumbbells or resistance bands, room to do pull-ups, an hour a day and a kick-butt mentality that refuses to quit. There are also several other pieces of equipment that are recommended when using P90X2, but aren’t required. This equipment includes a foam roller, stability ball, and two medicine balls. Each piece of equipment is available to order when you order P90X2, and is also available for order separately.

Other than those few additional items, everything you need to see a complete transformation comes with the P90X2 program. Each P90X2 kit comes with a nutrition guide, fitness guide and a 90-day workout calendar. It also comes with the complete 13-disc set that has helped train professional athletes, fitness experts and thousands of others from around the world. Each of the 12 groundbreaking workouts provides the user with mind-blowing results that are guaranteed to satisfy. By the end of the P90X2 program each user will notice extreme growth in balance, agility, core strength and athleticism.

P90X2 Packages – What You Need to Know

The basic P90X2 package comes with everything mentioned above, but there are two additional packages that can really help you get optimum results from the program. P90X2 Deluxe comes with all the equipment in the basic package as well as six bonus extras. P90X2 Deluxe comes with one foam-roller, two bonus P90X2 workouts, two 8-lb. medicine balls, and a premium 55cm stability ball. Each of these tools will help push your workouts over the top and give you eye-popping results that your friends won’t believe.

Now, if you’re looking for a workout that goes beyond P90X2 and even beyond the Deluxe edition, then there is P90X2 Ultimate. This program comes with everything included in P90X2 Basic and Deluxe, and features even more bonus extras. In addition to the extras that come with the Deluxe edition, P90X2 Ultimate also comes with Tony Horton’s Powerstands, which will help provide faster results when used with some of the workouts. For the hardcore individual looking for maximum results, P90X2 Ultimate is certainly the way to go.

Should You Buy P90X2?

If you’re looking for a home workout system that is guaranteed to kick your butt and give you the best possible results, P90X2 is the way to go. There is no doubt that the reputation built by the original P90X is more than enough reason to trust the sequel. But you will quickly see that even the original version is nothing compared to the new and improved P90X2.

If you’re tired of wasting time at the gym with little to no results, order P90X2 and prepare yourself for the ultimate home workout.

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